Downloaded movie stops and starts on Windows 10. What should I do?

Do you get an error message when it stops?  

If yes, we suggest you to run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter and Windows Media Player Settings Troubleshooter. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows key.
  • Type Troubleshooting.
  • On the left pane, click View all.
  • Click Windows Store Apps to troubleshoot Windows Store Apps and click Windows Media Player Settings to troubleshoot Windows Media Player.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you don't get an error message then do you have enough space on your device to play the movie?  If you downloaded the largest file size, please delete the file and download the smallest movie file size.  

Please note that VLC Player for Windows 10 seems to play video files, especially larger video files, easier.  

Note: Due to the countless variables that we cannot control associated with individual computer systems/versions/software & software updates, we are unable to provide you with direct support on how to setup any download on your personal computers or devices. 

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