Digital Dowload Not Playing Properly

Are you experiencing the movie buffer, stopping/starting or not playing properly on your device?  The actual movie file does not stop and start or buffer.  

If you selected the highest quality download, the file size is quite large and some devices and video players can cause it to buffer.  

We recommend restarting your computer or device, then when it restarts go straight to watching the movie.  If problems still persist, your devices available space could be an issue if there isn't much space left.  This issue will effect all applications, including your movie player.  

If the large file size of the movie you downloaded is just to large for your device, we recommend going back to your download page and downloading a smaller file size.  This way you can watch without it stopping and starting.  Your download page is here, and if you've forgotten your password just click the password reset at the bottom of the page after you click the link:

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