Why we don't accept Paypal

Why we don’t accept PayPal

We don't accept Paypal because we sincerely care about your privacy.   We do our best to select only third-parties that value your privacy and offer services based on integrity and authenticity.

In order to accept PayPal payments, PayPal requires that we provide to them all information related to your purchase including detailed information on the specific items purchased. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and all other major credit cards do not require this information, they simply verify that your card is valid and verified, and that you have sufficient credit to make the purchase. 

We view PayPal’s requirements as an unnecessary invasion of your privacy and we do not provide this information to anyone. Hopefully at some point in the future PayPal will change this requirement. Until then we will continue to accept all major credit cards but not PayPal.

As an additional note of security, when you enter your credit card details on grandselfmovie.com we actually never see the information and your personal credit card information is never shared with us, it is only available to our credit card processor, Stripe. 

In addition, if you elect to have your card information saved (most customers do not), it is only saved by Stripe. Again, your credit card details never touch our systems. We designed it this way to give our customers the highest possible level of confidence that their information is safe.

Additionally, to protect your privacy, we don't use share buttons that sell your information.  Most share buttons use cookies, which track user behavior.  Even if share buttons are not used by a visitor, share buttons place cookies on a user’s device when they view a website.  Most brands that provide these share buttons sell the cookies to third-party services, which then use cookies to track users’ web browsing activities so companies can send them personalized ads.

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