Download Help

Any tips for the MAC download?

Yes, the preferred internet browser for the MAC download is Chrome.  If you experience any problems downloading the MAC version then close all internet browsers and open Chrome and try again.  Make sure you copy and paste the url link for this page so you can get back to it when you open Chrome.

My download is taking a long time, what should I do?

You're downloading a full two hour movie so the file size is quite large and it is normal for a download to take 30 minutes or even much longer depending on your internet connections speed.

My download is not working on my ipad and/or other devices, what should I do?

Due to software restrictions, we offer Downloads for PC and Mac only but the download should also work on all your devices.  The video file is encoded to do so. 

  • For Android Devices: Download the .mp4 file directly to device.
  •  For iOS Devices: Due to Apple Software Restrictions on mobile devices (devices only, not computers), you must  first download your files to a Mac or PC computer. Then, open your files  in iTunes and sync to your iPod/iPad/iPhone.

Note: Due to the countless variables that we cannot control associated with individual computer systems/versions/software & software updates, we are unable to provide you with direct support on how to setup any download on your personal computers or devices. 

However, generally speaking, if you want to watch on your smart  device, you may first need to save the file to your computer.  Next, right click on the file you have just saved, select "Open With"  and choose your preferred application (usually iTunes or Windows Media  Player). From here you can sync to your iPod/iPad/iPhone with your  iTunes program, or to your android phone/tablet with your Windows Media  program.