Viewing Technical

Video Says Offline

If the movie isn't playing or says 'offline' please make sure that your flash plugin is enabled or is updated on your browser, or use Google Chrome browser to watch the movie (recommended). Also, please empty your cache if the movie isn't playing for you.

Video Is Playing Slow

If your video is playing slow we recommend that you view your videos on a high speed internet connection. 

Sound Issues

If you're hearing that the sound is 'off,' please note that during production the sound was recorded less than perfect.  In order to preserve the integrity and fantastic delivery of the interviews the What If? The Movie production team decided to keep the sound the way it is.  

The sound quality varies depending on the equipment you're using to play the movie on.  The movie sounds best when played on the latest technology devices.

Video Is Not Running

Please double check that if you have a mac that you downloaded the mac file and if you have a pc you downloaded the pc file.  So far, the only time we've heard about the movie not running is due to this problem...or sometimes a download problem.

If this isn't the problem for you.  Do you have a video player installed on your computer that usually plays downloaded movie files?  If so, we would suggest to delete the downloaded movie file and download again.  We recommend google chrome for the best browser to download on. Sometimes it's as simple as re-downloading the file.If you don't have a video player installed on your computer, that could the problem.  In this case, you can choose a variety of video players that should work just fine for our movie.

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